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Te Haeata

Te Haeata is our Cultural Center in Anaru (Elmslie Bay) near French Pass. It was vested in Ngāti Koata following the 2012 Treaty Settlement and was previously a school and teacher’s residence. It is now used for wānanga, whānau gatherings, kapa haka noho, hui, accommodation, and as a base for our people to connect with their heritage, whenua and taonga.

Te Haeata means ‘the dawn’, which speaks of both the view from the site and the vision of the iwi following the Settlement. In winter the sun can be seen rising directly in front of Elmslie Bay between Kurupongi (Trio Islands) and Anatoto (Clay Point).

The facilities at Te Haeata include:

  • The Top House has three bedrooms with two double beds and four single beds; a shower; toilet; kitchen/dining room with fridge/freezer, stove, microwave and utilities; a bbq; and a lounge suite, tv and dvd player in the living area.
  • The Bottom House has a large sleeping area that sleeps 18 (much more can fit but there are only 18 mattresses lol), wharepaku for both tāne and wāhine, a bbq, and a kitchenette with a fridge/freezer.
  • Outside the Bottom House is an outhouse with toilets (which are out of order), storage and the mattress room
  • Out the front is a childrens playground, and a double garage for storage

The two houses do not have names yet but are affectionately known as the Top and Bottom houses which is reminiscent of the Top and Bottom houses at Madsen Bay on the Island.

The pou beside the entrance to Te Haeata was unveiled in 2015 and is of Ngāti Koata rangatira Te Putu. It was carved by uncle Mark Davis and blessed by uncle Te Rangipumamao Hira Selwyn.

There are a few things to be aware of:

  • The water supply is from a water tank that collects rainwater. It is not an infinite supply so we must use water conservatively. Always be water wise!
  • Please also be conservative with power.
  • The fireplace in the Top House is not working. It will soon be fixed.
  • Te Haeata is across the road from the beach. There is a gate to keep tamariki within the grounds, and although the road is not a highway it is the main (only) thoroughfare.
  • All rubbish brought in must be taken out

The Te Haeata Committee is currently working on a few projects including minor, but necessary maintenance issues however it remains open for whānau to use for a koha. If you would like to book it please contact aunty Ngawai on 03 5765260 or Louisa at the Trust Office on 03 5481639 or email frenchpass@ngatikoata.com.

Te Haeata Committee Members are:

Ngawai Webber

Ahi Kā Representative

Bill Webber

Ahi Kā Representative

Nohorua Kotua – Committee Convenor

Kaumātua Representative

Pirihira Paul

Kaumātua Representative

Suz Tawaka

He Kupu Reanga Representative

Noela McGregor

He Kupu Reanga Representative

Pene Geiger

Iwi Representative

Lonae Paul

Iwi Representative


Te Haeata Strategic Plan

Click here to view the Strategic Plan