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Ngāti Koata Trust Online Registration

Becoming a registered member of the Ngāti Koata Trust

Registering as a Beneficiary

Maintaining an accurate Beneficiary Roll is one of the core functions of the the Ngāti Koata Trust, which is the representative body of the Ngāti Koata iwi.

To be accepted on to the Beneficiary Roll you need to provide a full account of your whakapapa. This requires you to identify your ancestors – parent(s), grandparent(s) and great grandparents through to a known Ngāti Koata tupuna.

The list of Ngāti Koata tūpuna comes from:

  • The Ngāti Koata owners of Rangitoto (Native Land Court – Nelson Minute Book 1, Page 28, dated Tuesday 20th November 1883)
  • The Ngāti Koata original owners in the Tenths Reserves (Native Land Court Nelson Minute Book 3, pages 46 – 57, 24 November 1892), or The Ngāti Koata Nelson Tenth’s owners alive in 1893 (Native Land Court – Nelson Minute Book 3, Page 268-279 dated 31st July 1895)
  • Sec 34 Native Land Claims Adjustment and Laws Amendment Act 1901
  • Special Resolution of the Board

Validation and confirmation

All registration applications must be validated by the Ngāti Koata Trust before final acceptance. Once validated, confirmation of your registration will be sent to you, along with your Ngāti Koata Trust membership registration number.

Where an application for registration is declined the applicant may appeal that decision.

Once you have been accepted on to the Beneficiary Roll we undertake to inform you of iwi matters and to give you the opportunity to participate in iwi decision-making processes.

We ask that you please keep your membership details, including email and phone contacts, up to date so that we are able to keep you informed of all iwi matters.

How to apply…

There are two main ways to register to become a beneficiary of the Ngāti Koata Trust.

  1. You can download the application form, complete it and send it in to us by mail
  2. Fill out our online registration application below. Please note: in order to register online you may be required to provide a copy of your birth certificate.


To apply to become a member/beneficiary of the Ngāti Koata Trust, download and complete this membership application form.




Please enter your email and complete the form. Required fields are marked with a red star and must be filled in before the form will submit.

PLEASE NOTE: A full disclosure of your whakapapa back through your lineage to a known Ngāti Koata tupuna is required. You may be required to provide a copy of your birth certificate. Please complete full names and dates of birth.

Personal Details

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  • Legal adoption
  • Whangai
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  • Phone
  • Email


A separate registration application form must be filled out for those over 18 years of age. For those under 18 years of age please enter their full name/s, birthdate/s, place of birth and gender in the text areas below, on separate lines.


Please list your skills and/or Qualifications

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Ngāti Koata Trust will in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Act 1993, make available to you upon request the personal information it holds on you and will make any appropriate corrections to that information to ensure that the information held is accurate.

Please indicate if you wish to receive private notice relating to general meetings and postal ballot papers. You may then vote on elections, constitutional amendments, conversion or disposal of settlement quota. The notice will be sent to the address provided on this form.

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The following text areas refer to your fathers lineage

The following text areas refer to your Mothers lineage