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The Ngāti Koata Trust (NKT) and Te Pātaka a Ngāti Koata Trust Boards (TPNKT) seek letters of application for the following role:

Human Resources Advisor – Human Resources Committee, Ngāti Koata Group

The Human Resources (HR) Advisor must have a bachelor’s degree in HR Management or similar relevant tertiary qualification, or at least 5+ years HR and employment relations experience.  You will also be familiar with relevant legislation, organisational policy, and Tikanga Māori.

The position is part of the HR Committee accountable to the NK and TPNKT boards.  As an independent member of this Committee you will help the Boards to perform and uphold its HR responsibilities to the Group, including the oversight, review, monitoring, and evaluation of HR-related matters including, but not limited to, recruitment, selection, appointment, induction, performance, management, exit, and dismissal practices.

The Committee meets as and when required, with at least one hui of two hours duration held every month and/or around one to two hours preparatory work and/or separate advice.  A remuneration package of $120 per hour is offered for the position, up to a maximum $5000 per annum.  It is expected that the successful applicant will be based in Nelson.

Interested applicants may request a Position Description, which includes a copy each of the Expression of Interest for Appointment form to be completed by the applicant, and the HR Committee’s terms of reference.

Interested applicants may then submit the Expression of Interest form and, if they chose, a covering letter applying for the position, along with a current CV, including referees and any other information considered to be relevant.  These should be sent by post or email to pa@koata.iwi.nz to arrive no later than 4pm, 10 March 2017.

All applicants will be notified of receipt of their application within two business days and will receive a letter advising the outcome of the written application within two weeks of the close off date.