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Congratulations Marama!

Congratulations Marama!

Tena koe,


My name is Marama Elkington and I have recently attended the 2016 Waka Ama World Sprints held at Lake Kawana, located in the Sunshine Coast of Australia. The two categories I competed at this year’s World event were:

  • the Elite Development Under 19 Women’s for both 500m and 1000m in the 6man, team event, and
  • the Elite Open Women’s V1 for 500m.


In the team events for both the 500m and the 1000m, we raced against the likes of Tahiti, Australia and even Hawaii. Which were both straight finals. Meaning no warms up, just get stuck in there and do the job. My team done extremely well in both of these events and won very convincingly, which we were both surprised and stoked about.


Picture of my team after winning our last 1000m race


I competed in Open Women’s for my one man event. Winning my heat and semi-final. In the final race however I only managed to get a silver medal. Coming behind the first place winner named Hinatea Bernadino from Tahiti by one second, with another paddler from Aotearoa named Rose King rounding out the podium at third place. My final time was: 2.30.16. This race was by far the hardest race I have ever done, I had to get over my fear to race someone who was extremely experienced (which showed in the race) and test my ability, it was the most physically demanding race I have ever competed in.  Losing this race however  has showed me how much more I can improve on, and it has highlighted weaknesses that prior to the race I didn’t think were as vital in my racing as they really were. Now that I know these things, I am going to work and improve on them, intensifying and increasing my trainings throughout the year, so that I can excel even more and eventually become the next open women world champion.


Picture of me on the podium


I had the option of doing the younger under 19 category, but I chose opens because the competition was better and I knew it would challenge me. A lot of people asked me: “why are you doing the open category if you are a junior 19?”. With which I replied: “I’m sick of easy golds in the junior categories. I wanted to go into a category that I would have to fight hard to win, rather than  breeze over the finish line. Plus I wasn’t ever going to improve by staying in a category that didn’t test me, or push me to be better every year”. If I had stayed in my true category at the 2014 nationals, instead of doing opens I would have just remained ok, and never developed as much as I have now.


Not very many people realise the potential of rangatahi, even rangatahi themselves don’t believe their own potential. I want to inspire other rangatahi to not be just good, but great in anything they do. And encourage them to stop being lazy and become champions over their own lives. I am most greatful for the support of Wakatu for believing in me and my own potential, in wanting to be a part of my Waka journey, which is truly humbling. It is weird to think that I influence other rangatahi and people around Aotearoa, but I have met some people who have expressed this to me and I still find it strange, yet rewarding. I am proud of my decision to do opens as it has enabled growth in all aspects of my life, not just Waka but in school and my own work ethics. At the end of the day it is important to remember who you are, where you come from, where you are going, and also the people that have helped you on that journey. I am just a Maori girl from the pā who represents her iwi, religion, and family, trying to be the best woman at waka ama in the world. Thank you Ngāti Koata Trust for investing and believing in me enough to be involved in my life, and recognising my potential to be great.


Picture of me heading up to the start line


Ngā mihi,

Marama Elkington

Incredible Years Programme

Incredible Years Programme

Ngāti Koata Trust is proud to be associated with Ngā Tau Mīharo | Incredible Years.

Incredible Years is a programme for parents, children and teachers to prevent and treat young children’s behaviour problems and promote their social, emotional and academic competence.

Interviews start on Friday 3 February, but referrals are open now.

Read below for an overview of the programme, or contact Huhana Hippolite-van Steeden for further information on email: huhana@ngatikoata.com or mobile: 0274888283


An Overview of the Incredible Years Parent Programme Details

General Aims/Goals:

  • Prevention of conduct behavioural problems.
  • Promotion of child social competence, emotional regulation, positive attributions, academic readiness and problem solving.
  • Improved parent-child interactions, building positive parent-child relationships and attachment, improved parental functioning, less harsh and more nurturing parenting, and increased parental social support and problem solving.

Programme in Action:

  • Each parent group session is 3 hours long and conducted at weekly intervals. Involves 2 trained group leaders with 14-18 participants.

Group Methods Include:

  • Discussions (small & large group).
  • Goal setting and problem solving.
  • Developing skills in positive self-talk.
  • Group brainstorming to identify social learning principles and effective behaviour management strategies.
  • DVD vignettes of parents, teachers and their children.
  • Role play practice or behavioural rehearsal.
  • Homework reading and practice.
  • Weekly/fortnightly leader phone calls to parents.

Resources Provided to Parents:

  • The Incredible Years book for each parent.
  • Folders with weekly hand-outs and home activities assignments.

Parent Program Content Includes:

  • Respect and understanding children and their developmental abilities, modelling social skills, child-directed play, balancing power, descriptive commenting, academic, social, emotion and persistence coaching, differential attention, ignoring, modelling principle, and having fun.
  • Having developmentally appropriate expectations for child-depending on child’s age, temperament and developmental abilities.
  • Positive parenting, controlling emotions and improving relationships, effective communication skills, family problem solving, enhancing children’s learning, anger management, and managing conflict.
  • Establishing rules, predictable routines and children’s responsibilities as well as ongoing monitoring and supporting children’s academic achievement through by coaching children’s homework and partnering with teachers.
Click on the link below for the Consent for Referral Form
Consent for Referral Form


Māori Education Trust Scholarships 2017

Māori Education Trust Scholarships 2017

The Māori Education Trust 2017 Scholarship Programme is now open and offers scholarships to Māori secondary and tertiary students who meet the respective scholarships’ criteria. Read below for more information from the Māori Education Trust…


The Scholarship Programme is made up of the following scholarships:


Secondary Scholarships

  • RJ Graham Scholarship
  • Rose Hellaby Scholarship
  • Sister Annie Henry Scholarship (open to secondary & tertiary students)
  • Tī Maru Māori Trust Secondary Boarding Scholarship
  • VW & LM Rosier Scholarship


Tertiary Scholarships

  • Eric Hall McCormick Scholarship (Postgraduate)
  • Frances Irwin Hunt Art Scholarship (Undergraduate)
  • Nicholas Irwin Hunt Writing Scholarship (Undergraduate)
  • Norman Kirk Memorial Scholarship (Undergraduate)
  • Pae Tawhiti Scholarship (hard-copy application which can be located on the MET website)
  • Queen Elizabeth II Post-Graduate Fellowship (Postgraduate)
  • Rangiriri & Matene Te Whiwhi Winiata Scholarship (Postgraduate)
  • Rose Hellaby Bursaries Scholarship (Undergraduate)
  • Rose Hellaby Postgraduate Scholarship
  • Roy Watling Mitchell Bursaries Scholarship (Undergraduate)
  • Roy Watling Mitchell Prestigious Professions Scholarship (Postgraduate)
  • Sir Apirana Ngata Memorial Scholarship (Undergraduate)
  • Sister Annie Henry Scholarship (open to secondary & tertiary students)
  • Tī Maru Māori Trust Scholarship (Undergraduate)
  • Tī Maru Māori Trust Prestigious Scholarship (Postgraduate)


Certificates, National Certificates and Diplomas:

  • Regina Rudland Memorial Scholarship


Secondary school students can apply online or download an application form from our website.  Secondary applications and supporting documentation must reach the Māori Education Trust by 4.30 pm, Friday, 24 Hui-tanguru (February) 2017.


While we encourage tertiary students to apply on-line (unless applying for a Pae Tawhiti Scholarship), forms can be located on the MET website.  The Pae Tawhiti Scholarship application can also be located on our website.   Tertiary applications and supporting documentation must reach the Māori Education Trust by 4.30 pm, 31 Poutū-te-rangi (March) 2017.


Click here for the tertiary scholarship flyer.

Click here for the secondary scholarship flyer.


The Māori Education Trust contact details are as follows:

Phone: 04 586 7971

Email info@maorieducation.org.nz

Website: www.maorieducation.org.nz

Matiria wins Gold!

Matiria wins Gold!

We received a lovely letter from Matiria Moleni yesterday about her recent successful choir trip. It is always a pleasure to assist our iwi members achieve their ambitions, and to receive an update on how they have done. Take the time to read this lovely letter…

To whom it may concern,

I would like to say a massive thank you for the iwi funding you gave me for my choir trip at the Australian International Music Festival (AIMF) in Sydney (July, 2016).

This was the first time that our choir had ever competed in such a big competition overseas but we managed to receive a Gold Award at this international festival, which was a huge achievement. During the week we performed in a range of venues like St Stephen’s Church, The City Recital Hall and the Town Hall but a big highlight for me was performing as the opening act of the Thursday night concert in the Sydney Opera House.

We performed a wide variety of repertoire at the festival, including ‘E ngā iwi’ as our Māori waiata where I had the opportunity to open with a karanga and lead the choir. It was also nice to being able to bring something from New Zealand to share at this well-renowned international competition.

Our choir was able to meet and work with a whole lot of different people throughout the trip. On the second day we had a workshop with one of the judges who helped us with polishing our pieces. We then combined with the other choirs to learn two songs for the final concert on Saturday night. All the schools came from China, America, Australia and we even had a few groups from New Zealand as well.

These were just a few highlights from my trip but I would just like to say again a huge THANK-YOU for the funding you provided. This trip wouldn’t have been possible without your support. It is very appreciated.

Yours Sincerely,

Matiria Moleni (Waikato Diocesan Choir)

Update Your Contact Details

Update Your Contact Details

We have roughly half of our registered beneficiaries’ current contact details. It seems our iwi are very mobile and move a lot! We also change our emails and phone numbers on a regular basis… So we are unable to contact and inform many of our iwi members. The Facebook page, the website and the monthly pānui emails are proving to be an effective means of communication, but not everyone has access to electronic communications. Please take the time to update your details by either ringing Kimiora on 03 5481639, emailing her directly on kimiora@ngatikoata.com or you can update your details via the website at www.ngatikoata.com/ngati-koata-online-membership. Kimi, Lorene and Greg have been working hard at updating our database.