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Deeds Review Iwi Consultation Feedback Report and Information

Deeds Review Iwi Consultation Feedback Report and Information

Deeds Review Iwi Consultation Feedback Report, May 2017



The Ngāti Koata Trust Board held consultation hui in Nelson, Hamilton, Auckland and Porirua from 8 – 11 May 2017 on proposed amendments to the Deeds of Ngāti Koata Trust (NKT) and Te Pātaka a Ngāti Koata Trust (TPNKT). The proposed amendments were a result of reviews of the Deeds by the Board and Kāhui Legal.


The 28 proposed amendments have been grouped into three resolutions that will be voted on at the NKT Annual General Meeting (AGM) in September. That is: Tūpuna List, Separation of Governance & Management, and Administrative Changes.


The iwi was also invited to have discussion on Whāngai, and amendments to the Deed about the Removal of Trustees. These two items were discussion points only, and are not for voting at this year’s AGM.



A booklet detailing the proposed amendments was only mailed to households in Nelson, Hamilton, Auckland and Porirua. Electronic copies were also made available on the NKT website, and advertised through Facebook posts and the May monthly e-pānui. Despite this, a number of attendees at the hui complained that they had not received a booklet. One Trustee also did not received the booklet in the mail. With the exception of one person in Hamilton, no one received a booklet in Hamilton or Porirua.



The review hui and Facebook Live Feed were advertised on Facebook, the NKT website, the monthly e-pānui, and in the booklets mailed out to Iwi Members. The Nelson hui was filmed live on Facebook for those outside the four centres where hui were held. Only around five minutes was live streamed for the other three hui.



All hui were fronted by Board Members accompanied by kaumātua Pirihira and Hohepa Paul, and NKT staff members Adrienne Kenney and Ammon Kātene.


The hui also gave the Board a good opportunity to update Iwi Members on the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011 application.

The following tables provide a breakdown of hui attendance.


Town Numbers of Iwi Members attending Board Attendees Note
Nelson 20 Frank Hippolite

Rāhui Kātene

Anthony Pātete

Tahua Solomon

Joanie Wilson

Hamilton 15 Rāhui Kātene

George Elkington

John Dobson

Auckland 6

(3 at home)

(3 at hui venue)

Rāhui Kātene

George Elkington

John Dobson

·No future hui at Auckland.

·No hui at Te Wānanga o Aotearoa in Māngere. They were uncontactable the week prior to the hui, and canceled our booking the day before the hui date.

·We met with aunty Puhanga and uncle Ngarau Tupaea in their home.

Porirua 16 Frank Hippolite

Rāhui Kātene

George Elkington

Anthony Pātete

Tahua Solomon

Facebook Live Feed (Whakatū) 11 Live Views

78 Views total

·Excellent means of communication.


Click the links below to read:

  1. The information booklet from the Iwi Consultation Hui
  2. The report outlining the changes to the proposals (feedback from hui)


Information Booklet from Iwi Consultation Hui


Changes to Proposed Amendments from Consultation Hui
Ngāti Koata Future Director (Associates) Programme

Ngāti Koata Future Director (Associates) Programme

Ngāti Koata Trust launches the Ngāti Koata Future Director (Associates) Programme – Apply Now

The Ngāti Koata Group aims to preserve and pass-on knowledge from one generation to another. As part of this process we are pleased to announce the launch of our first Ngāti Koata Future Director (Associates) programme. This process will ensure that our cultural heritage, values and goals will be passed onto future generations, and will sustain successful governance in the Ngāti Koata commercial, cultural and social arms.

The Future Director Programme is an initiative of the Ngāti Koata Group and has been developed to provide an opportunity for Ngāti Koata iwi members to learn and develop knowledge, experience and expertise in Governance.

It is a two year programme; one year with the Directors of Koata Ltd, and one year with the Ngāti Koata Trust Board. Kaumātua will also provide mentoring to our Future Directors on matters of tikanga and kawa.

Our Future Directors will work on specific projects to enhance both their own governance development, and to further the goals of our cultural and commercial entities.

The objective is to provide another learning opportunity for future leadership of Ngāti Koata, and to ensure succession planning for successful governance of our cultural and commercial interests. This programme is relevent to any governance entity such as Commercial Boards or Trust Boards, but will focus strongly on Ngāti Koata leadership aspirations. Some examples include:

  • Whānau Trusts
  • School Boards
  • Company Boards

Learning outcomes include:

  • How to read and interpret financial reports,
  • Developing partnerships with other iwi and other stakeholders
  • Developing proposals and outcomes
  • Setting and managing budgets
  • Being a responsible employer,
  • Dealing with confidential matters, and
  • All the other duties and responsibilities of being a Board Member

Applicants must be registered members of Ngāti Koata and can be based locally or elsewhere in New Zealand. For more information and the application form please visit our website (click the link below) or contact the office by email on pa@ngatikoata.com; phone: 03 548 1639.

Our long-term goal is to provide our younger iwi members with opportunities to develop their knowledge, experience, and expertise in general governance. This will prepare our whanau for future governance appointments within our Group and other opportunities outside of our community.

Applicants must be registered members of Ngāti Koata and can be based locally or elsewhere in New Zealand.
For more information contact the office – Email: pa@ngatikoata.com, Phone: 03 548 1639.

If you want to contribute to Ngāti Koata’s exciting future and growth – click here to apply!

Ngāti Koata Submissions: King Salmon Relocation

Ngāti Koata Submissions: King Salmon Relocation

Ngāti Koata Trust Board Members Hori Elkington and Frank Hippolite gave submissions to the Marlborough Salmon Farm Relocations Advisory Panel during their independent hearings at Te Hora Marae in Canvastown on Wednesday 17 May 2017.

Ngāti Koata are opposed to the relocation of six salmon marine farms in the Pelorus and Queen Charlotte Sound’s on environmental and cultural grounds, and the unfair use of Ministerial powers. Ngāti Koata support submissions made by Ngāti Kuia, ka mihi ki ā kōutou ngā uri o Kaikaiāwaro. He tupua! He taniwha!

Click here to read Hori Elkington’s submission.

Click here to read Frank Hippolite’s submission.

For more information on the proposed King Salmon farm relocations, click here to view the Ministry for Primary Industry website.


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